About Vigilavera

In a tree, a sleeping (dormant) eye can be tempted to break if the crown is reduced or the tree lightning conditions change.

Vigilavera is inspired by the Latin word for “I awake”.

Vigilavera is my window of presentation to the world. You’ll find paintings, drawings, paperart and photographies, created after my own lightning conditions were changed radically.

My name is Tina Brandt Jespersen, and I hope you enjoy my pictures.


2016: Mandala-course, Hanne Matthiesen Aarhus
2012-13 og 2015-now: Painting-courses, Artschool Gallo
2012-2013: Round Tour Guide,  Museum Ovartaci
2011-2012: Art reviews, Kunsten.nu
2011-2012: Supplementary subject Museology, Aarhus University
2001-2011: Studies in Arthistory, Bachelor Copenhagen University –not complete
1995-1996: Supplementary subject Designstudier, Odense University
1990-1995: Master in International Marketing and French cultural studies, Odense University